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course for selection interview

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Salt Lake City’ align=’left’ /> Biskupski sent a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration in late November, asking it to reconsider a 2012 decision that the Wingpointe course must be leased at a fair-market value a far cry from the $1 per year the city had paid for decades, starting in 1988. Opening Wingpointe doesn’t pencil unless the FAA alters its tune, the city’s administration says, and the FAA has yet to reply to the city’s request. The FAA said in an email to The Salt Lake Tribune on Tuesday: “The FAA is aware of Salt Lake City’s interest in reopening the golf course and is currently preparing a response.” But the City Council expressed frustrations Tuesday that nearly a year has passed since it appropriated more than $60,000 for life-support maintenance of tees and greens, and that the administration has made no progress. A proposed council straw poll on Tuesday would have directed the city’s administration to cease all efforts to reopen the links-style course closed since November 2015 until council member Charlie Luke successfully argued that it be tabled. “I think we need to have more proactive outreach to the FAA,” he said. see this pageWhile Wingpointe could be part of an invigorated Northwest Quadrant, Luke said, he doesn’t support indefinite uncertainty about its future. Salt Lake City International Airport bought Wingpointe in the 1970s with federal grants and transferred it to the city in 1988 on a 99-year lease at $1 per year. Salt Lake City attorney Pat Shea chaired the airport board at the time and was included in the city’s 15-member task force that met late last summer and eventually recommended “reasonable efforts” to reopen the course, which is built on wetlands that have no aeronautical use. On Tuesday, Shea said Biskupski had broken a promise to the golfers who helped her unseat two-term Mayor Ralph Becker by a small margin in 2015.

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Paterson councilman Michael Jackson 18, 2017 New Jersey democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie (Photo: Demitrius Balevski/ 89 CONNECT TWEET LINKEDIN 2 COMMENTEMAILMORE PATERSON City Councilman Michael Jackson said Patersons upcoming Black History Month celebration is being used for political purposes, a criticism he made after New Jersey Democratic Party chairman John Currie was picked as one of the events honorees. I take this event very seriously and Im concerned when I see it being used as a platform for someones political agenda, Jackson said in an interview on Wednesday. Jackson did not mention Currie by name. Ill leave it to you to make the assumption, he said. But the councilman said he did not agree with the selection of all the honorees for the event scheduled for Feb. 1 at City Hall. I cant say I think that a certain individual on the list played has played an important part in the African-American community in Paterson, Jackson said. Currie, who also serves as Passaic County Democratic Party chairman, shrugged off any criticism of his selection. Im a kid who grew up in Paterson, I went to Paterson schools, Im still very active in Paterson, said Currie. I was honored to get the call. I dont think its political.

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