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online training for interview

Trinklein and MU Extension regional horticulture specialist Sarah Denkler teach the 14 online sessions. These classes represent a viable option for people who cant take the weekly classes in person, Trinklein said. Classes are delivered as a series of narrated PowerPoint presentations. Participants need a composite score of 70 percent on chapter quizzes to pass the course. The motto of the Master Gardener program is Helping others learn to grow. Topics covered include basic botany, soils and plant nutrition, vegetable gardening, fruit production, insects and diseases, landscaping and landscape plants, turf management and pesticide safety. The training is the first step toward Master Gardener certification. At least 30 hours of volunteer service is also required, Trinklein said. Local Master Gardener chapters help online trainees find volunteer opportunities to meet the service requirements. There are Master Gardener programs in every state of the union and in most provinces of Canada, Trinklein said. The course also may be taken for personal enrichment, for a higher registration fee.

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online training for interview

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