The Latest Guidelines For Effortless Tips For Medical Interview Programs

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tips for medical interview

tips for medical interview

LEGAL DOCUMENTS Will, trust and estate plan: Include the original copy of your will and other estate planning documents youve made. Financial power of attorney: This document names someone you trust to handle money matters if youre incapacitated. Advance health care directives: These documents (see ) a living will and medical power of attorney spell out your wishes regarding your end-of-life medical treatment when you can no longer make decisions for yourself. FINANCIAL RECORDS Financial accounts: Make a list of all your bank accounts, brokerage and mutual fund accounts, and any other financial assets you have. Debts and liabilities: Make a list of any loans, leases or debt you have mortgages owed, car loans, student loans, medical bills, credit card debts. linked hereAlso, make a list of all credit and charge cards, including the card numbers and contact information. Company benefits: List any retirement plans, pensions or health benefits from your current or former employer including the contact information of the benefits administrator. Insurance: List the insurance policies you have (life, long-term care, home, auto, Medicare, Medigap, prescription drug, etc.) including the policy numbers, agents and phone numbers. Property: List real estate, vehicles and other properties you own, rent or lease and include documents such as deeds, titles, and loan or lease agreements.about his

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