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Markovina served as chief resident and participated in the Holman Research Pathway during her clinical residency in radiation oncology at Washington University/Barnes-Jewish Hospital. She joined the faculty there as a physician scientist in 2015, and she is building her lab to study molecular mechanisms of radiation resistance in solid tumors, with a clinical focus on treating patients with anal cancer. Markovina is interested in understanding molecular mechanisms of radiation resistance in cervical cancer and other solid and HPV-related tumors. She will be investigating the role of the lysosome, a sub-cellular structure involved in protein breakdown, in tumor cell response to radiation and how these signaling pathways might be modulated in cervical cancer to increase the effectiveness of radiation and other anti-cancer therapies. The ASTRO Resident/Fellows in Radiation Oncology Research Seed Award supports residents or fellows who are planning a career in basic science or clinical research in radiation oncology. Three researchers were selected for this award, which provides $25,000 per recipient for one year. The three 2016 Resident/Fellows in Radiation Oncology Research Seed Award recipients are: John Floberg, MD, PhD, PGY-3 resident, Washington University/Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis. With his ASTRO seed grant, Floberg aims to develop a predictive biomarker for cervical cancer. He will investigate the use of functional imaging methods, including positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), to assess the state of cervical cancer cells and predict how tumors will respond to therapies designed to enhance radiation sensitivity. Chirayu G.

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Brett Favre Obviously 4 and 12 last year, we are trying to rebuild on that so we have to do some new things some of the older guys have to step up and play well and some of the young guys have to do the same, so I can see where you say its all open well start tomorrow, said Favre in 1992. Brett Favre Ever since I was a little kid I had to overcome odds, adversity, and I could tell you guys back in the 5th grade games I played in then starting out as receiver in the 5th grade and then going up through high school and college and no one giving me a chance and winning an MVP and everyone saying, hell never do it again and how did he get it who knows and well I just probably will have to win three to make everyone believe that maybe this guy is for real, Favre said in 1996. Brett Favre I look at myself as the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers and what does that call for me to do? It calls for me to win football games whether it be throwing touchdowns, handing off, making good decisions, preparing a certain way, show guys that I prepare a certain way, handling myself a certain way on and off the field and carrying that over into the games, said Favre in 2001. Brett Favre Great players respond to pressure in apositive way and so far I have. I dont really like it but I dont shy away from it, said Favre in 1997. I try my best to pleaseeveryone. When they buy a ticket to watch the Packers I want them to get every nickels worth, Favre said in 2003. I was in the stands I would say thats the way I would want to play a game and I often think about that I dont make plays or do plays for that reason but I often think about how I play the game and its hard not to be compared to other guys in the league because you hear it all the time, well he does this, he does that and I always say Id do it making $25,000a year and I really would and I think thats what people would appreciate, said Favre in 2001. If yourenot durable and youre not around, you obviously wont be here very long so its important to me first of all to be able to play with pain and youve got to do that by being in great condition and it all starts by going in the weight room every day, said Favre in 1997. Brett Favre The fuel of my fire is how people say you cant do something and the day he says hes great hell do it.

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